May 13, 2021

High Vibe Reiki Infused Body Care and Lifestyle Products Launched by Aroma Seize

Yorba Linda, California-based Aroma Seize has just updated its line of all-natural soaps and candles with no harmful synthetic ingredients, including phthalates.

May 13, 2021

Graduation Gifts | Celebrate the Class of 2021 by UNice Graduation Sale Promotions

2021 Graduation season is coming, to celebrate the happiness with student’s graduation, Unice will provide a big sale, the promotion time starts from May 13th to May 23rd, 2021. Graduation […]

May 13, 2021

“Limitless Yearning International Charity Night” was successfully held in Xi’an

On May 11, 2021, “2021 Xi'an Economic, Trade and Cultural Exploration of Global Diplomats - Limitless Yearning International Charity Night” that was co-sponsored by Shaanxi Overseas Friendship Association, Shaanxi People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Limitless Yearning Foundation (LYF), and Shaanxi Youth Federation was held in Xi'an, nearly a hundred diplomats from more than 50 countries and international organizations attended. Picture: Founder and lifetime honorary chairman of the Limitless Yearning Foundation Ms. CHENG Cheung Ling gave a speech Mr. Xu Xirong, Leader of Shaanxi Overseas Friendship Association, and Ms. CHENG Cheung Ling, Founder and lifetime honorary chairwoman of the Limitless Yearning Foundation, and Antonia Hugh Monseigneur, the representative of diplomats and ambassadors to China gave speeches.   Mr. Xu Xinrong said Shaanxi would firmly establish and implement the new development concept, coordinate the promotion of opening to domestic and foreign countries, earnestly concentrate on the construction of platforms and channels, and deeply integrate into the grand pattern of jointly building "the Belt and Road Initiatives". He hoped that the participating diplomats will actively promote exchanges and cooperation between their countries and Shaanxi. People from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas will continue to support the development of Shaanxi including charity and contribute their wisdom as well as strength to writing a new chapter in Shaanxi’s pursuit and transcendence in the new era.   Ms. CHENG Cheung Ling said Limitless Yearning International Cultural Night was based on international cultural exchanges and sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The "Philanthropic System Engineering Declaration" (PSED) released on the same day was a cutting-edge exploration of public welfare theory and the practice of advanced systems engineering methodology recognized by the international community. The "systems perspective" has also been advocated by President Xi Jinping as a "fundamental thinking and working method", which has been elevated to one of the "Five Principles" of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the Long-range Objectives through the Year 2035. This has been a great encouragement for us to explore the frontier exploration of the philanthropic system engineering in China. She suggested that everyone should share the charm and happiness of public welfare to make everyone’s nation and the "community with a shared future for mankind" become more beautiful.   Picture: Representative of diplomats and ambassadors to China Antonia Hugh Monseigneur gave a speech     Picture: Chinese and foreign representatives read Philanthropic System Engineering Declaration (PSED) jointly   Mr. Xu Xirong, Leader of Shaanxi Overseas Friendship Association, and CHENG Cheung Ling, Founder and Lifetime Honorary Chairwoman of the Limitless Yearning Foundation, and Guo Sherong, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and Liu Yuming, former secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Association of Industry and Commerce, and Duan Xiaolong, secretary of the Communist Youth League Shaanxi Provincial Committee, and CHUNG Yon, Chairman of the Limitless Yearning Foundation, and Yang Shanglin, Secretary General of the Limitless Yearning Foundation, and Liu Ajin, Executive President of General Association of Shaanxi Entrepreneurs, and Ambassador Tapusalaia Toomata, representative of diplomatic envoys, and  Ambassador John Aquilina, and Ambassador Antonia Hugh, and Ambassador Grigor Kalinov Porozhanov, and Wang Yan, Chairman of the Committee of “Night of Chinese Culture for Global Diplomats” participated in the launching ceremony of the “Project Illuming”.   This event is an important component of the 5th "Silk Road International Exposition". “Project Illuming” of Limitless Yearning Foundation was launched at the same time. The project aims to tap the potential of children in distress in terms of creativity, discover the children's truly fascinated interests, and continue to develop their scientific literacy, humanistic feelings, innovative awareness and collaborative ability training by adopting a whole-chain through-training model to help realize their life value and happiness. At the same time, the "Philanthropic System Engineering Declaration" issued under the witness of hundreds of Chinese and foreign guests pointed out: "The philanthropic system engineering is also includes extensive efforts to revitalize civil power and create conditions for eliminating various social problems at a deeper level… It involves all the goals of mankind”. “It helps to promote the continuous evolution of a community with a shared future for mankind through effective mechanism design, and create a high harmonious civilization, so as to help all people get rid of difficulties, improve conditions and become higher value realizers.”   This event was strongly supported by organizations including General Association of Shaanxi Entrepreneurs, Shaanxi Youth Calligraphers Association, Communist Youth League Committee of Xi'an International Studies University, Shaanxi Xingang Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd, Xi'an Kaige Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, and Xi'an City Reception Hall Network Technology Co., Ltd.   The Limitless Yearning Foundation was initiated by Madam CHENG Cheung Ling in August, 2020, established with the efforts of Shaanxi Overseas Friendship Association, Shaanxi Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, General Association of Shaanxi Entrepreneurs and a group of domestic and foreign warm-hearted affairs. With the purpose of "Respect for Virtue and Dedication for Strength", the foundation always pays attention to the United Nations "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" and carry out public welfare activities including supporting the elderly and young, helping schools, doctors, and poor, providing disaster relief, and protecting traditional culture. 

May 13, 2021

CoreStarter Launches New-Edge Decentralized Fundraising Launchpad

New York, NY - CoreStarter announces the launch of cross-chain fundraising decentralized launchpad with high-yield staking on Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance, Solana, Cardano. As the company states, the innovation behind CoreStarter includes the interoperability of Polkadot and the liquidity of Ethereum and other blockchains like Binance, Cardano, etc. "Vision of CoreStarter is to support very small investors to leverage the power of Corestarter ecosystem.", said in the official statement. What is CoreStarter Governance, Crowdfunding, Defi-based Investment, and Staking are the main use-cases of CoreStarter. The innovation behind CoreStarter includes the interoperability of Polkadot and the liquidity of Ethereum and other blockchains like Binance, Solana, Cardano etc. CoreStarter provides a decentralized finance protocol for various start-ups to do fundraising through the CSTR platform with inbuilt staking rewards powered by CoreStarter DAO! Use Case Governance: CSTR holders can gain voting rights on the platform, by staking 500,000 CSTR tokens (Subject to change) in their specified staking wallets. By doing so, they can participate in the community's decision-making process, regarding new IDO launchpad proposals, audits, token burn, distribution, and so on. IDO Launchpad: Start-ups can leverage the Corestarter platform to launch token auctions, thus generating liquidity for their DEX listing. Staking: Users can stake their CSTR tokens and can get 73% APY to 730% APY. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) : NFT-based projects can launch auctions on the Corestarter platform. CoreStarter provides a better opportunity for small investors. According to the Corestarter algorithm, small investors can start with any amount and stake their tokens. The longer they stake $CSTR tokens the more chance to win the lottery ticket(s) for the IDO. Minimum 7 days is required to get into any IDO sale. Allocation Rounds There are two allocation rounds 1. Guaranteed: 30% of tokens are sold here. Top 100 $CSTR tokens stakers will get guaranteed allocation. Users who stake 10,000 or more $CSTR tokens for seven days or more are eligible for guaranteed allocation. 2. Lottery: 70% of tokens are sold here (plus leftovers from Private Round). Users who stake 500 or more $CSTR tokens for 30 days or more are eligible for Lottery Round. Example Case 1: Suppose Alice invested $500 and got 1000 $CSTR tokens and she staked $CSTR for 30 days. By staking she got 146%-730% APY rewards. Apart from that, her lottery ticket will be measured as follows. 1000*(30–6) = 24000 = 2 tickets Case 2: Suppose Jane invested $5000 and got 10000 $CSTR tokens and she staked $CSTR for 7 days. Her lottery ticket will be measured as follows. 10000*1 = 10000 = 1 ticket Clearly, Alice has twice the chance as compared to Jane. Apart from that Alice will also get extra tokens after 30 days. Now, what about Jane, will she always lose? Obviously not. Jane can also stake $CSTR tokens for 30 days. By staking she got 73%-365% APY rewards. Her lottery ticket will be measured as follows. 10000*(30–6) = 240000 = 24 tickets CoreStarter try to support small investors by giving them a fair chance and greater APY as compare to others. Join Telegram and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. Social Links Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Media Contact Company: CoreStarter Contact: Umesh Gupta E-mail: Website:   SOURCE: CoreStarter Tweet

May 13, 2021

California based Cryptocurrency company RIVE Coin is set to make history

San Francisco, California May 13, 2021 ( - The next generation of cryptocurrency has arrived and it's called RIVE COIN. Who or what is Rive Coin? Let's first talk about the creator of Rive Coin James Lee Hardman Jr. James is an entrepreneur, that has done notable work in the film industry, sport management, and brand development. You may ask yourself what's his relevance within the tech world? James created Fightmobi, an app and website that displays rankings, connect combative athletes and fans based on social media for entertainment purposes. Fightmobi was the fastest growing social media network built exclusively for the fight world. It's the fastest growing social media platform ever with over 1M Daily users after only a month of its release. It was eventually sold to a private party for an undisclosed amount. Fast forward to now, James is now making history having the trifecta in cryptocurrency with Rive Coin. For those who are unfamiliar with Cryptocurrency, it's a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Many companies have issued their own currencies, often called tokens, and these can be traded specifically for the good or service that the company provides. Think of them as you would arcade tokens or casino chips. You'll need to exchange real currency for the cryptocurrency to access the good or service. The company has RIVE Blockchain, which means all of their products are built on their state of the art blockchains. RIVE Coin also has RIVE MONEY which is a peer to peer crypto sending, lending, and payment app powered by RIVE. Peer-to-peer exchanges are marketplaces where people can trade crypto directly with each other. They provide a technical platform on which buyers and sellers can settle trades on their own terms. Unlike traditional exchanges, they don't process any fiat payments or hold users funds in custody. This light setup allows them to operate in virtually any country and be subjected to much less regulation than normal cryptocurrency exchanges. RIVE WALLET is also a part of Rive Coin, which means they keep your cryptocurrency safe. What is a cryptocurrency wallet? A cryptocurrency wallet is an app that allows cryptocurrency users to store and retrieve their digital assets. As with conventional currency, you don't need a wallet to spend your cash, but it certainly helps to keep it all in one place. When a user acquires cryptocurrency, such as bitcoins, you can store it in a cryptocurrency wallet and from there use it to make transactions. For more on Rive Coin, you can go to their website by going to and on their Instagram @getrivecoin.Media ContactThe Buzz Reporters*****@thebuzzreporter.com Source :The Buzz Reporters This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

May 13, 2021

Richmond VA Realtors Expert Home Sales and Staging/Pricing Guidance Announced

The Henry Team (804) 655-1060, announces expert services to facilitate a smooth home sale experience for Richmond area homeowners. The team will also assist those who are purchasing a new home.

May 13, 2021

Analyze Current State of Health STOP Suffering Make an Informed Plan

The Path to be Well releases information on the upcoming launch of its Mini-Workshop - Setting Customized Health Goals. Further information can be found at

May 13, 2021

UK Research: Moderate Drinking Reduce Cataract Risk

A British research found that people who drink 14 units of alcohol or less a week have a lower chance of developing cataracts than others and that dri…

May 13, 2021

420 with CNW — Everything You Need to Know About Delta-8 THC

Long before lawmakers were considering legislation that would federally decriminalize cannabis, Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill. Among other things, this legislation legalized the cultivation and sale of industrial hemp and its derivatives. Hemp is a form of cannabis that has less than 0.3% THC, meaning any products made from hemp or its derivatives do […]

May 13, 2021

NewYork City’s Faith & Fashion Icon Pens Inspiring Opus in a Fight for Her Life

The House of Faith and Fashion: What My Wardrobe Taught Me About G-d Takes a Unique Look at Faith and Spiritual Wellness Through the Unconventional Eyes of the Fashion-Conscious

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