Large First Aid Kit Sought for Corporate Gatherings and Office Events

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit Receives Recommendation for Office Use

Woodbridge, United States - January 1, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ —

Companies regularly host corporate events for employees, business partners, clients, and prospective clients. These activities are conducted not only to establish goodwill and build relationships with their stakeholders, but also to recognize employees’ hard work, celebrate a milestone, or to launch a new product.

Since these activities involve large groups and crowds, there are unavoidable accidents that may happen during the event. Accidental slips and falls may occur, as well as bumps, incidents of tripping, g and stumbling over uneven flooring. With these accidents threatening to ruin a happy event, it is essential that event organizers and coordinators have a reliable first aid kit on hand to address such issues.

Surviveware, maker of high-quality camping and adventure products has designed a new first aid kit for large group activities, the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit.

This product is designed to accommodate home and large-scale activities such as field trips, office gatherings, and corporate events. Made from 600D Polyester fabric, this 10” x 7.25” x 5” bag, serves as the protection and container for its 200 life-saving supplies. This material is water-resistant which helps keep-off moisture and frost. Moreover, the polyester fabric is durable and sturdy, preventing the kit from ripping or tearing easily. To further secure its contents, the company placed the supplies in resealable laminate pouches. This added protection helps preserve the freshness of each item.

Designed to treat minor and major injuries, this large first aid kit contains a wide array of general supplies needed for any emergency. It’s packed with alcohol and cleansing wipes, steri-strips, adhesive and conforming bandages, gauze swabs, and non-adhesive dressings. The kit also contains items for treating insect bites, splinters, and bruises.

Surviveware went even further and included a CPR kit with an instructional guide and an advanced first aid handbook. Amanda Condry, Surviveware co-founder, says that the additional first aid handbook is crucial especially when an unfortunate event happens, and immediate medical care is required: “People tend to panic in emergencies, so it helps to have a handbook that can be referred to when acting as a first responder and providing emergency care to the injured..”

Aside from packing enough first aid supplies into this three-pound lifesaver, the company made it convenient to locate and retrieve supplies. “During emergencies, no time should be wasted rummaging for supplies or realizing you ran out of bandages. That’s why we labeled each compartment. This way, first responders can use this first aid kit with ease. The compartments also call attention to supplies that need to be replenished.”

Ensure your employees, members, and stakeholders are covered during business events. Grab this first aid kit today and take advantage of 20% off each purchase through Surviveware’s Amazon discount coupons. This is a limited offer so make sure to buy your kit today.

Get your kit now by clicking here.

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